Being an exclusive custom stairs and railing company gives us the opportunity to take pride in our work and pay attention to details. We devote ourselves to building high quality custom stairs. We generate profit with quality not quantity and are never too busy to consider your specific needs. At The Flooring Experts , we are specialized in custom making and installing any type of hardwood stairs and railings.

We offer exciting and unique staircase designs through outstanding quality and professional work. We blend centuries-old methods of stair building with state-of- the-art design and construction techniques, allowing us to offer a complete stair system for the most selective buyers.

We put together old world joinery, innovative production equipment and years of experience to design and promote a strong, beautiful, cost effective stair.  This ensures quality control and a better end product. Our experienced staff will prove invaluable in time saving service. By choosing The Flooring Experts you gain the advantage of being able to develop an thoughtful design for your project. Our designs represent a very unique modern custom to the most common dimensions used in today’s homes. Stairs and railing are an investment and a permanent feature that will bring your property up in value if done the right way.  

Let us restore the old glory of your stairs and railings or completely change their look and feel. We offer wide range of designs to suit your desire. Reforming of stairs are sometimes required to improve their aesthetics and/ or functionality. Get the professional advice from experts with over two decades of experience.

Contact us for a free estimate and any questions you need answered. We’ll definitely have something to inspire you.

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